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If you are looking for consultancy that solves problems, takes an objective and thorough view, and works in partnership with you, your partners and service users, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Our consultancy programme changes all the time, with some long-term projects too. Some of it might surprise you. More...

We manage a wide range of projects including: central government national programmes, local authority development contracts, children’s centre parent volunteer coordination, support to voluntary managed organisations, large conferences and active workshops, DVD production, and deliver programmes like Early Support [external link as before]. Since we were established in 1999, we’ve developed thousands of childcare places, supported and challenged the implementation of the Childcare Act (2006) childcare sufficiency duty, shaped the delivery of Sure Start local programmes and children’s centres, and worked in partnership on EYDCPs.

Our parent volunteer programme

Charnwood Children’s Centres

VMC in Northamptonshire – Development work with voluntary managed early years and childcare settings - Show

If you are a member of a voluntary management committee in Northamptonshire and want a set of our vital briefing sheets to support you in your role, just email us on and tell us who you are, and which setting you are from and we will email them to you as soon as we can.

Slough early years and children’s centres transfer to Cambridge Education - Show

Time to Give – Parent volunteering in children’s centres - Show

We are in the third year of coordinating the recruitment of parent volunteers across the seven children’s centres in the Charnwood Borough Council are of Leicestershire. This project, working with family outreach workers and other service providers in the programme, identifies and recruits parents using their local children’s centres to develop their skills, confidence and work readiness. Through initial support and information, we complete personal development plans with the parents, and offer introductory and accredited induction training into the role of the volunteer. After which we support the programme to identify useful and valuable volunteering opportunities, with mentoring and buddying attached to ensure the experience develops the parent and offers added value to the service they are supporting. Regular reviews ensure the volunteering is changing and responding to the needs of the parent and the programme. We are pleased that so many of our parents have moved forward onto gaining training and qualifications, and employment too.

VMC in Northamptonshire – Development work with voluntary managed early years and childcare settings - Show

With approximately 140 childcare settings in Northamptonshire operated by voluntary management committees of local parents, it is essential to the health and sufficiency of the sector that such organisations have access to the best support, challenge and resource. Since 2006 our team has worked across the county, often in the evenings and weekends to support the ever changing membership of these committees so they are aware of their roles and responsibilities. This way, we all achieve sustainable, legal and compliant settings that are able to provide high quality childcare and early education for the children and families they work with, and are managed by. A key part of our programme is information events and a link to our business training G is for Grow. We are delighted that we have been commissioned to 2015, which will mean we have delivered this contract for 10 years.

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Early Support programme – Capacity building consultants - Show

Since it was established, we have been active supporters of the Early Support programme. A way of working, Early Support is underpinned by 10 principles that aim to improve the delivery of services for disabled children, young people and their families. The programme aims to enable services to coordinate their activity better and provide families with a single point of contact and continuity through key working. There are strong links with early years and childcare providers, and children’s centres, as well as widening the approach to all those services that families have access to. In our work we have advised local authorities and their partners to develop strategies, implement plans, raise awareness and share information, and develop and deliver a responsive and targeted programme of accredited training and bespoke workshops.

Corporate responsibility – Thomas Cook’s safeguarding policy - Show

After supporting Thomas Cook with training and development consultancy since 1996, we were delighted in 2005 when the company agreed with us that a corporate approach to child protection was needed. With a huge overseas programme across the globe, and millions of families and children using their services, it had become highly important that Thomas Cook met it responsibilities under the Children Act (2004) to play its part in protecting children. This is where we came in. Having developed an in-depth knowledge of their product, culture and delivery structures over the previous 10 years, we used this experience to drive the development of a company policy, robust procedures, and awareness and management training. We delivered training to hundreds of staff in different countries, and gradually developed the internal team’s capacity to deliver themselves. Recently, we have developed an international and online awareness module to make such training even more readily available. The resultant and highly successful strategy has achieved its outcome that Thomas Cook is recognised across the industry as a gold standard to which others aspire, and continues to deliver outcomes for children and families.

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