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Hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting hempsall’s. Training, research and consultancy in early years, childcare and children’s centres is what we do. What’s more, we’ve been doing it since 1999.

Our Team

We’re here to support organisations of all types (particularly providers, practitioners, local authorities and government) to achieve best practice in services for children and families.

We do this by:

  • creating and delivering tailor-made training workshops and courses
  • delivering research that achieves relevant and useful results, and reaches and informs everyone in the process
  • providing consultancy and/or development work that project manages in the short term or even for as long as 10 years

We’ve worked with: all 152 local authorities in England; central and regional government; many small businesses, charities, and children’s centres; and some major high street brands, international and global businesses too. What we like though, is to stay small and deliver big, with a focus on quality and equality.

About our Values and ethics: - Show

We are acutely aware of our responsibilities as a business and a values driven and ethically committed team. Our goals are to provide equal chances, challenge disadvantage and achieve best practice in services for children and families.

We aim to achieve the highest levels of safeguarding practice, through all aspects of our work and specialist training delivery. Of key importance too is the promotion of anti-discriminatory practice and equalities. We believe that having access to the highest quality early years, childcare and children’s centre services can have transformational effects on health, safety, achievement and positive contributions. We believe in a mixed economy in the sector, and our multi-disciplinary team has a passion for partnership working beyond traditional or set boundaries.

In terms of our impact, we constantly monitor and review our use of resources. This includes our time, travel, and physical resources. We aim to make conscious, economical and environmentally focused choices for the benefit of our clients, service users and beneficiaries, and the local and global community.

For safeguarding concerns, comments or complaints about the hempsall’s service, please contact James Hempsall, Director, james@hempsalls.com 0844 824 3083.

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